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Dual Cab Light Bush Fire Tanker

As the Valley is covered with small, sometimes difficult-to-access trails, our Cat 7, due to its more compact size is able to access these tracks whilst still holding 1200L of water.

7 ALPHA  is a dual cab vehicle with seating for six crew, as well as a compartment behind the cab that can be used for firefighting or extra equipment storage


Heavy Bush Fire Tanker

As Kangaroo Valley  is a 'Village 2' brigade, our Cat 1 is equiped with two sets of CABA (compressed air breathing apparatus) gear which allow our crew to enter burning buildings during a search for trapped people, or to work more safely around motor vehicle accidents.

It is a dual cab with seating for six crew, and in addition a major role of the Cat 1 is to provide support to smaller vehicles on the fireground, but it is also the first vehicle to be 'responded' in the event of any report of a structure fire or MVA (motor vehicle accident), due to its large water capacity of 3500L


Single Cab Light Bush Fire Tanker

7 Bravo is a similar vehicle to 7 Alpha, except it carries a crew of three and 1500L of water. It is also equipped with two CABA sets so is normally the second vehicle responded in the event of an MVA or structure fire.





















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